Tidingbox Health is an international health publishing site, that specializes in writing easy to read articles on medical/health topics thus giving enlightenment to non-medical related persons and individuals.

Our main goals are to educate and inspire people about human health and their environment.

Health information on our sites is written by high professionals in the field of medicine, internet technology, healthcare, this makes our article/content highly reliable and authentic. We do our best to receive information about the health sector across the globe, by connecting with intellectual Doctors in various speciality of medicine and healthcare that specialize in online content. These  Physicians are the best and are willing to send good and useful information to the benefit of people.

Tidingbox Health as the name implies is a form of information box that displaces simple medical knowledge to users and readers.

Tidingbox was founded in 2016, In Nigeria By a Medical Specialist that wish to share his medical knowledge through the means of web.

Our motivation and spirit of growth depend on our user’s responds. This in return helps us to use educational design to specifically guide our content writing and experience in a direction to inspire our readers. We lunch deep research, ground interviews in different fields of medicine, analyze facts before publishing our content.

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