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Tiding box Health is one of the health tips websites that uses cookies.

Cookies are important files that is embedded into your personal computer via the means of your browser. This files are embedded at the point where you browse in a site and your name is save in the sites so that the site can remember you, It’s in a form of memory. The following cookies policy will tell you how our site uses cookies and how you have the right to control the use of cookies.

About our Cookie policy:

Cookies policy are set in our desktop and our mobile sites and in any sites managed by Tidingbox Health. Cookies is part of Tidingbox Terms and condition.

Once you browse our sites, you agree to our cookies policy and cookies will be apply whenever you connect to our sites.

Whenever there is a change in our cookies policy it will be updated on this page, thus connection to tidingbox will maintain your agreement to our terms and conditions.

How do we use cookies?

By entering our sites, we have the right to gather data and information.

Cookies will make your personal computer and your browser recognize our sites

It is your choice and right to accept the use of cookies on our site if it pleases you, but understand that when you don’t accept  our  cookies policy, you stand a chance not to receive important update on our content as does that legally accept cookies policy

The following data are assessable by our cookies, this are IP address, Operation, platform and location services. This are information that cookies work it.

Be informed that some browsers are customized to allow the use of cookies automatically, therefore it’s important for you to look into your browser then do some modification that will favour the use of cookies or not.

To make things easy on the use of cookies , we have drop few links that will teach you how to use and control cookies browser of your choice.

What are the cookies types that our site uses?

  1. Cookies for analytics

Analytics uses cookies to analyze and monitor how visitors get to our sites, it reveal the number of visitors that visit our sites. It help us to understand the type of articles our visitors are interested in and that in returns gives us the knowledge on how this articles should be updated.

To stop this cookies, click below:

  1. Cookies From third parties

Social media shared buttons are run on our websites, example facebook, twitter , Pinterest and many more, we wish to inform our users that some of this social media platform uses cookies especially when sharing, the companies might put cookies in your browser either through our site or through their sites. Please learn more about facebook and twitter data policy and how to opt out of their cookies policy.

3.Tidingbox ads management Cookies

Tidingbox serve ads by selling out designated spaces on tidingbox sites for advertisers to place their ads codes

Due to this we initiate the idea of using Windows on the side of the site while visitors are  reading articles. Cookies is what hold the data about visitor interest. Cookies doesn’t save personal data but only important browsing habits information(that things you are interested in).

Below are the ads we are running on our sites and the the important link on how to opt out of the cookies policy if you are not interested

  1. Cookies for Site management

We use cookies to manage our sites, it help us to remember you and your interest, its help us to remember that you voted ones in our site and you cant vote again in future,

Note, Its impossible to turn off cookies selectively, nevertheless you could change your browser settings to prevent the use of cookies if you are not interested.