Fart Meme: 10 Most Funny Fart Memes

Every one fart, everyone enjoys farting especially when it’s disturbing. sometimes we can’t hold it, maybe sometimes we like the smell. haha fart is just fart. This 10 most funny fart meme will make your day.

Why do we fart?

excessive intake of air, foods that can’t easily digest, proteinous foods (protein farts) examples eggs, beans, milk. It might also be related to medical health issues like irritable bowel syndrome, recurring digestions and many more.

What’s Interesting about?

Farting makes us feel better, farting can be uncomfortable and disturbing that why many slowly lift up one side of the buttocks and slowly release the air while trying to reduce the fart sound at the same time observing who is watching. well nothing is hidden under the sun, WE WILL STILL SMELL YOU. I catch You. HAHAHA

Check out people behaviour and actions when farting, I believe you can relate as you laugh your heart out while going through this fart meme.

1. That moment you pretend to be laughing loud while you release the air


2. When you are alone and choose to do it like no man’s business


3.When you silently fart and you are waiting for your friend to smell

fart meme tidingbox.com

4. How your friends react when they smell your fart

reacting to fart smell

5.When you make a noise that sounds like a fart but it’s not so, you hastily try to recreate it to prove to everyone it wasn’t a fart.

6. When you have been caught farting and you act surprisingly

funniest fart meme

7. That Moment you fart and your girlfriend just knock the door of your room

8. That moment when the fart was meant to come out in silent but rather it comes out making a wheezing sound

9. OMG. I Just Noticed It Wasn’t a fart

10. That first Fart in the morning

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