Having a healthy pregnancy should be the foremost concern of every pregnant woman. Yes! The very thought of holding your little one in your arms is very exciting, and it is your responsibility to help them grow in a healthy, and comforting environment.

This article will teach you the dos and don’ts of a healthy pregnancy, and important pregnancy products you must have.


Supplement with multivitamins: The best way to support your unborn baby nutritionally is to eat healthily. Your diet should be rich in mineral and vitamins. However, a healthy diet may not give you and your baby all that you need. You should, therefore, supplement with prenatal vitamins for a healthy pregnancy. These vitamins contain high doses of folic acid, iron, and calcium. A multivitamin includes EPA, DHA, or both. Multivitamins are Omega 3 fats that assist with your baby’s brain development while multivitamins help to prevent congenital defects.

Sleep well: Sleep is somewhat elusive during pregnancy. This is due to fluctuating hormonal levels, anxiety, and anticipation. However, to have a healthy pregnancy, you must sleep well. At least 7-9 hours of daily sleep is ok for you.

Take part in workout sessions: Exercise is good for mum and child. Regular exercise helps to fight some common pregnancy issues such as:

  • Muscle pain
  • Insomnia
  • Mood problems
  • Excessive weight gain

If you’ve been exercising before pregnancy, all the better. Your doctor will help you make adjustments to your routine especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. If you’ve no been engaged in regular exercise before pregnancy, ask your doctor to help you create a fitness routine.

Seafood is important for a healthy pregnancy. Eat it!

Seafood has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. These include zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. They are important for both you and your baby. Some seafood contains viruses and harmful bacteria. These are eliminated when cooked properly. You should restrict your fish intake to no more than 12 ounces weekly.

Do have sex: There’s nothing wrong with sex during pregnancy. You should only avoid it if you have some complicating factors like placenta previa. If you are uncomfortable, you may try new positions.

Do yoga: Avoid hot yoga or Bikram during pregnancy. However, you can perform other yoga modalities. Do pregnancy stretches. Pregnancy stretches are gently yoga classes specially designed for pregnant women.

Get a flu shot: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women should get a flu vaccine so long as it has not been contraindicated in pregnancy. The vaccine will protect you and your unborn baby from infections.

To gain weight in the right way: You should eat well during pregnancy. However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat just anything. You should watch what you eat, and how much you eat. Gaining excess weight during pregnancy may be harmful to your baby. You need just 100 more calories to support your fetus.

Visit your dentist: This is one of the dos of pregnancy. The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians recommends routine oral checks for pregnant women, together with dental cleanings.


Pregnancy don’ts are those things you should avoid during pregnancy. Here they are:

Don’t smoke a cigarette or any tobacco products: Studies have shown that babies born to smoking mothers have very low birth weight together with a high risk for disabilities. They may also become chronic smokers at a younger age due to their physiologic addiction to nicotine.

Don’t drink alcohol. You’ll put your baby at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Avoid raw meat: Eating undercooked or raw meat puts you at a high risk of toxoplasmosis, and listeriosis. There is also the possibility of food poisoning.

Don’t eat deli meat: Deli meats have the potential to cause listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, and other foodborne illnesses. Examples of deli meats are sausages, hot dogs, smoked salmon, among others. Note that sliced meat has a higher surface area for bacterial activity. Wash and cook these meats thoroughly before consumption.

Avoid unpasteurized milk products: Growing babies need calcium but you should be careful of the source. Expecting mothers should not take raw milk because it is unpasteurized.

Don’t sit in a sauna or hot tub: Saunas and tubs are relaxing, but their high-heat environment may not contribute to a healthy pregnancy. Research has shown that using saunas, hot tubs, or Jacuzzis during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase your risk of a miscarriage. Exposure to hot environments increases your body temperature and this can cause problems for the unborn baby.

Don’t drink too much caffeine: Do you know that caffeine is one of the don’ts of pregnancy. Did you know that caffeine can cross your placenta and cause an increase in your baby’s heart rate? Studies have shown that women can take up to two cups of coffee per day but this should not be the case when you are pregnant.

Avoid cleaning your cat’s litter box: Your cat’s waste contains lots of bacteria especially Toxoplasma gondii. This bacteria poses a great danger to pregnant women. If you contract the bacteria, you’ll be oblivious of its presence until you begin to experience complications of pregnancy. Babies who are exposed to Toxoplasma gondii may experience mental disabilities, seizures, and other health disorders.


Healthy pregnancy lunches are a balanced mix of calcium and lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. If you eat healthy foods during pregnancy, it reduces your baby’s risk of birth defects, improves the development of the brain, and also helps your baby to gain healthy weight. It also paves the way towards a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy.

Foods that may form part of healthy pregnancy lunches include:

  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Smoothie bowls.

To have a healthy pregnancy, you should avoid the following foods during pregnancy:

  • Sugary yoghurts
  • Sushi and some fish
  • Luncheon meats
  • Undercooked meats
  • Soft cheese


I have listed some healthy pregnancy breakfast ideas in this section. It is often said that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day.” Well, this is true. And since you’re pregnant, it is all the more reason to eat well. Begin your day with meals that are rich in minerals and vitamins – a healthy meal that boosts your energy levels. The following are some healthy pregnancy breakfast ideas:

  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Foods that are rich in protein
  • Calcium-rich foods. You need up to 1000mg daily of calcium for your baby’s bones to grow and be healthy. Examples of foods that are rich in calcium include cheese, yogurt, fortified orange juice, scrambled tofu with spinach, tofu, etc.
  • Iron-rich foods
  • Whole grains


Dinner is that mealtime where you strive to make up for the nutrients that you failed to take in during the day. Thus, your dinner must be rich in nutrients.

Pregnant women are not exempted from having healthy dinners. So what makes a healthy pregnancy dinner? The ingredients of a healthy pregnancy dinner include almost anything that is in the optimum pregnancy diet: the right combination of calcium and proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits. Just like we’ve done for breakfast and lunch, here are some ideas for a healthy pregnancy dinner:

  • Lean proteins
  • Cooked sushi
  • Sautés and stir-fries
  • Main course salads
  • Slow cooker dishes


Healthy pregnancy desserts are delicious and sweet treats laden with very delicious flavors and nutrients that keep your unborn baby healthy. You as the mum will also benefit from the healthy nutrients. Some wonderful healthy pregnancy desserts ideas include:

  • Greek yogurt with citrus & mint
  • Fruit sundae
  • Dark chocolate frozen bananas
  • Chocolate avocado mousse
  • Cocoa-dusted popcorn
  • Applesauce oatmeal raisin cookies


What you drink during pregnancy has a great impact on your baby’s health, just like what you eat. Most pregnant women find it easier to drink than to eat during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. So what exactly make up the healthy drinks for pregnancy? Here they are:

  • Clean drinking water
  • Coconut water – is a natural isotonic beverage
  • Lemonade – provides vitamin C
  • Milk – it is loaded with calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. They contribute to a healthy pregnancy
  • Fruit juices
  • Vegetable juices
  • Ice tea

Please avoid the following drinks during pregnancy:

  • Alcohol
  • Herbal teas
  • Energy drinks


Your weight plays a very important role in your ability to conceive. An overweight person or an underweight person may experience some issues during pregnancy. It is therefore important that you attain a healthy weight before pregnancy. When you have a healthy weight before pregnancy, you’ll boost your chances of having a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

So the question is “what is the ideal weight you should gain before pregnancy?”

Well, this depends on your body mass index before pregnancy.

The figures below have been recommended by the Institute of Medicine.

  • If you are underweight (BMI below 18.5), strive for 28-48 pounds
  • For those with normal weight (BMI of 18.5-24.9), try adding 25-35 pounds
  • Overweight persons have a BMI of 25-29.9. If you belong to this category, you should gain 15-25 pounds.
  • Obese persons shouldn’t add anything over 11-20 pounds.


Is there such a thing as “healthy fast food for pregnancy?” We’ve always heard that fast foods are mostly junks, and are not good for our health. True! But like every other thing in the world, there are exceptions. Just imagine you’re on the road and feeling so ravenous, and with no health-food spot within sight. What do you? Opt for the closest fast-food restaurant? Well, the following could be classified as healthy fast food for pregnancy:

  • Hamburgers
  • Baked potatoes
  • Regular-sized roast beef sandwich
  • Beef tacos




As an expectant mom, you must take great care about what you eat and the products that you use on your body or put into it. The goal is to give birth to a very healthy baby. This implies that you must be very cautious about any household pregnancy products that you may come in contact with.

While searching for cleaning products safe for pregnancy, there are certain ingredients that you should look out for. Many cleaning products are made with ingredients like parabens, glycol, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine, and triclosan. These products may cause some harm to your developing baby. So as an expectant mom, you could either avoid these products or you produce your own all-purpose natural cleaner by combining some vegetable-based liquid soap and lavender essential oil. But we understand that you may be busy and therefore not have the time to do it for yourself. But not to worry. There are several brands that make green cleaning products safe for pregnancy. These products do not contain chemicals, instead, they are made with natural, organic ingredients.

Let’s see some of them…

Truce Wood Cleaner

(Available at Amazon from $12)

If you need a 100% natural wood cleaner for your home, then Truce Wood Cleaner is the best. It is made with simple ingredients: distilled white vinegar, olive oil, and guar gum. Truce Wood Cleaner can be used as heavy duty cleaner for cabinets and wood floors. You can also use it for your wood furniture – it functions as a dusting spray in this regard. However, you should note that this product is concentrated and so you’ll have to dilute it with water before usage. Activate it by filling half the bottle with water. Shake vigorously before use. The EWG has rated this an “A” product.

The Honest Co Dish Soap

(Available at Amazon from $4)

This is the best liquid dish soap you can set your hands on. Many times, we have our hands dry and cracked after washing. But you’ll have a totally different experience with this soap. It contains aloe leaf juice and essential oils that soothes your skin. Honest Co Dish Soap has been tested by dermatologists and certified gentle on the hands. It is free from fragrance, dyes, phthalates, aluminum, and parabens, but yet, can dissolve grease on pans and pots. Just like the Truce Wood Cleaner, it has an “A” rating by the EWG.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Agent

(Available at Amazon from $16)

Sometimes, when we wash our clothes, we worry that the clothes will absorb the chemicals in the cleaning products. Well, this isn’t the case with Mrs. Meyer’s formula. It is made with natural ingredients (up to 98 percent of it). The implication is that there are no formaldehydes, chlorine, parabens, artificial colors, or phthalates. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day laundry Agent is suitable for women who have sensitive skin during pregnancy. It is also good for people with sensitive and allergic skin.


Your skin has a different physiology when you are pregnant. Pregnancy causes several hormonal changes in the body, and one of the manifestations of these is an increase in sebaceous gland activities. What this means is that your skin will produce more oil, and this can cause plug spores, resulting in breakouts.

However, there are very good pregnancy acne products that you can use for effective treatment. You should note that we have all different skin – so if you notice a change to your skin, your first port of call should be your dermatologist and your obstetric-gynecologist. You should talk to them before opting for a new product.

Here are three pregnancy acne products that can flush out your existing pimples. They will also clean dark spots and prevent further breakouts.

Cetaphil Pro Oil Removing Foam Wash

(Available at Amazon from $28)

There couldn’t be a better pregnancy acne cleanser than Cetaphil Pro Oil. What makes Cetaphil cleansers unique is their gentle, and non-abrasive but deep-cleaning nature. It is best for people with oily complexions.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

(Available at Amazon from $14)

Your skin needs to be treated gently during pregnancy. For this, you should be on the lookout for cleaners made mainly for sensitive, non-comedogenic skin.

CeraVe stands out in this regard because it contains three important ceramides that enhances the integrity of your skin’s barrier. It also contains hyaluronic acid that attracts water to plump and hydrate your skin.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

(Available at Amazon from $30)

We know that hormonal fluctuations occur during pregnancy. This may increase your risk of melasma. Exposure to the sun can also increase the risk of melasma. At this time, you’ll need a moisturizer with SPF daily. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer is best for melasma. It doesn’t cause more breakouts, and it also contains SPF, with 20% zinc oxide to keep out the sun rays.


It is important that you take note of the ingredients in your skin care products. But what will make you more serious about this pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you’ll pay great attention to your pregnancy skin care products.

The health of your fetus can be directly affected by the ingredients in your beauty and skin care products. Always lookout for ingredients like formaldehyde, dyes, aluminum chloride hexahydrate, sodium laurath sulfate, petroleum, and DHA.

We have selected some healthy pregnancy skin care products for you. Let’s look at them…

Elizabeth Arden Illuminating Retexturizing Pads

(Available at Amazon from $35)

Elizabeth Arden Illuminating Retexturizing pads is best for issues bordering around uneven tones or texture. These exfoliating pads can brighten your skin gently. They have a very low glycolic acid concentration which could be used in lieu of retinol.

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Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

(Available at Amazon from $8.99)

Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser may not have an elegant packaging worthy of a selfie in a bathroom cabinet but it has received a 100% approval stamp from dermatologists. It is free of masking fragrance, formaldehyde, parabens, lanolin, and other preservatives.

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Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

(Available at Amazon from $82)

Many women suffer a worse form of hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. And at this time, there’s always the temptation to use ingredients such as hydroquinone to suppress pigmentation. But this is not good, the skin easily absorbs it and there are no studies evaluating its effects on a developing baby. You can save yourself a whole lot of trouble by using a brightening serum with fruit enzymes, vitamin C, and other natural ingredients. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum is one of such products. It cause the spots to fade away in a gentle manner.

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Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46

(Available on Amazon from $35)

There’s no better facial mineral sunscreen than Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46. The best way to combat pregnancy-based melasma is through daily use of facial mineral sunscreen containing zinc oxide (with or without titanium oxide). Mineral sunscreens are gentle on the pregnant skin. It is on record that most people do not like mineral sunscreens do to their chalky aftermath, but that’s not the case with Elta MD UV Clear. It has an oil-free and lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the slightest residue. As a plus, it has niacinamide as an ingredient. Niacinamide reduces redness and discoloration.

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Mederma AG Hydrating Facial Cleanser

(Available on Amazon from $15)

Acne is very common during pregnancy. But the truth is that many acne-fighters increase the risk of birth defects. As such, you should go for something that contains glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid derived from cane sugar. Mederma AG is one of such. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and soap-free. It doesn’t have any added fragrances, and is gentle on your skin but tough on dead skin cells, and oils.

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

(Available on Amazon from $19)

Hormonal changes during pregnancy makes your skin ultra-sensitive, oily, and dry. But there’s no need to worry. Neutrogena Hydro, a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer does its job perfectly. Your body already produces hyaluronic acid, and so Neutrogena supplements the production, functioning as an anti-aging, and moisturizing superstar. Also, it is dye-free, non-comedogenic, and oil-free. People with dry and sensitive skin will also love it.

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A woman’s hair contributes greatly to her beauty. And if there was ever a time to pay attention to your hair, it is when you are considering getting pregnant. Some hair-care products are extremely toxic, and so it is important that you take great care while selecting what you want. Here are some that will be good for you…

Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Crème Texturizer

(Available at Amazon from $24)

This unique, styling cream creates hold, separation, and texture. Inner Peace Whipped Crème Texturizer is formulated with certified organic Shea butter and bee-friendly honey to give your hair the conditioning and flexible definition that it needs.

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(Available at Amazon from $24)

This is one shampoo, with super lather that cleanses all hair types thoroughly but gently. It contains coconut oils, sunflower seed, and Camelina seed that hydrates and enhances shine and smoothness. It equally has a unique scent, one that you’ll love.

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Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner

(Available at Amazon from $34)

Sourced from the Amazon, the Ungurahua and Rahua hair-nourishing oils that are used in the making of this shampoo have been used for hair treatment for centuries. Laced with other ingredients like Shea butter, coconut butter, Palo Santo, and quinoa extract, it cleanses and revitalizes your hair, leaving it shiny, and healthy. When used in the shower, it creates a delicate scent and light lather, leaving you with a soothing aromatherapeutic experience.

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Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash

(Available at Amazon from $33)

The perfect pregnancy safe foaming cleanser to deep cleanse, balance and nourish to keep skin feeling super clean but never tight. Smells gorgeous! Fights blemishes with gentle exfoliants and Tea Tree extract. Balances with probiotics, moisturizes with Omegas.

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Plant Origin Organic Shea Butter

(Available at Amazon from $13.95)

100% Pure, Unrefined, Grade A, Organic Shea Butter to deliver the highest amount of nutrients and healing potential. Due to its maximum nutritional value and purity, it deliver exciting features including: non-comedogenic and naturally hypoallergenic, a healthy source of vitamin A for skin firmness and regeneration, prevents wrinkles by boosting synthesis of elastin and collagen, free of hexane and other solvents, and prevents sun damage and sunburns with natural SPF of 6-10.

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Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

(Available at Amazon from $29)

This cream brightens dark circles and de-puffs bags under your eyes. It is made with coffee cherry, green coffee, and green tea to boost circulation to those tired eye area.

What’s more? The producers have also added hydrating aloe, anti-aging vitamins, and rosehip oil to give your eye a more youthful look.

As a plus, this caffeine eye cream is laden with a warm vanilla latte scent to give your senses a delicious coffee buzz. Watch your wrinkles, puffs, and dark circles clear off with Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

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Your tummy will have to stretch to accommodate your fast-growing bundle of joy. But that doesn’t mean you should be left with stretch marks. You can always deal with them.

Common tips for dealing with pregnancy stretch marks include exercising, moisturizing your skin with shea butters and cocoa oils. You could also try a stretch mark lotion, cream, or oil to clear these blemishes from your tummy.

While these may not do a perfect job, they can assist to improve your skin condition.

We have sorted the best cream to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Here we go…

Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

(Available at Amazon from $10)

For just $10, you can get Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula to maintain the beauty of that bump. It does this by moisturizing your bump with a blend of argan oil, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter. It also contains elastin and collagen which helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity. Palmer’s also contains Vitamin E which stimulates the growth and regeneration of cells to minimize blemishes and fine lines.

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(Available at Amazon from $35)

Mederma is not entirely a natural cream. It has a long ingredient list, but one thing’s sure – it is paraben-free, and can be safely applied during pregnancy. So what makes Mederma tick? Well, the secret weapon is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain moisture, and a well-moisturized skin can withstand the changes brought about by pregnancy. Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy is a bit costly no doubt. A 5.29 ounce goes for $35, but it is worth the price.

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(Available at Amazon from $23)

The Mustela brand is well known for its shampoos, creams, and soaps formulated for infants. But what many don’t know is that mamas also benefit from the bran. Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Oil is made from natural ingredients, including avocado, musk rose oil, baobob oils, and extract of lupine seed, to leave your skin supple, soft, and in good condition. It is free of bisphenol A, bisphenol S, caffeine, phthalates, parabens, and phenoxyethanol. You’ll be happy with it.

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