Protein Farts: 15 Medical Facts About Protein Fart


Protein farts are the same as flatulence. People used the word protein fart because proteinous foods are the most common cause of fart or flatulence. So what’s exactly is fart or flatulence, it’s the passage of intestinal gas through the anus.

protein farts
Protein farts

How does fart form in the intestines and what’s caused it?
When we eat high protein diets, the digestion of high protein meal takes a long time to digest, this will cause fermentation of the food in the stomach by bacteria thus there is formation of nitrogenous gas and sulfur, this gasses build up in the intestine and find its ways down to the rectum where it’s will then pass through the anus. Not all fart smells.

Common protein foods we eat that can cause large fart includes but not limited to eggs, fish, beans, meats, protein powders and many more.

15 amazing medical fact about protein fart

  1. If you don’t fart frequently your stomach will be bulgy and discomforting.
  2. Sulfur rich diet is the reasons your fat is smelling always, an example of a sulfur-rich diet is red meat and eggs.
  3. Studies have proven that men fart more than women in a day, but women farts are louder than men, also women fart smells more than men. Finding by Dr.Levitt
  4. Averagely people fart 4 to five times a day. But those that indulge in high protein diet might fart at least 14 to 22 different times a day. Watch people that eat beans and eggs and get your filter face mask on.
  5. A fart can ignite a fire. This is because of the composition of gasses that are released. The chemical that causes this is hydrogen and methane. Warning! Your Butt should stay away from fire when you are about to fart.
  6. Withholding fart will not cause any harm to the digestive tract. But holding fart and poo can have an effect on people suffering from prostate issues, like Benign prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis as pressure from air in the rectum might compress or irritate the enlarged prostate. People suffering from this illness should release the air as soon as possible.
  7. Are you on a date with a vegetarian? Know that they fart more than non-vegetarian.
  8. Probiotic is helped resolve digestive tract issues and can help reduce farts and make one more comfortable.
  9. Farts can escape from your anus while you are sleeping. Don’t be surprised when your partner tells you, you fart at night. Be polite to say you are sorry.
  10. Farting forcefully can cause headaches due to straining and it can cause hernia or recurrent hernia and haemorrhoids.
  11. A compound that is released during farting(hydrogen sulphide) when inhaled by a person suffering from dementia, stroke and cancer can indirectly reverse or repair a mitochondria damage in the above-listed conditions
  12. Did you know that dead bodies do fart? Studies show that three hours after death, the body still releases flatulence.
  13. In 2019 people going through protein fart are buying fart-filtering undies. The pant comes with a sticky carbon disposable pad. The pad absorbs gasses and prevents loud fart noise.
  14. Common act like chewing gum can increase the rate and the number of times a person fart. This is because while chewing gums one might eventually swallow air as the mouth open and close. This gas can be expelled through the anus.
  15. Finally, people leaving at high altitudes fart more than people leaving at sea level. This is because of a change in cabin pressure which causes the air in the intestines to expand.

How to eradicate protein farts smell

7 ways those that do protein diet deals with protein farts?

Are you eating food that contains fewer fibres?

We understand that protein-rich food is good for weight loss, bodybuilding and healthy life. It’s proper for us to maintain a balanced diet. Too much of everything is not good. While you are on protein diet don’t give up completely on high fibres diet. It’s fine to do high fibres diet at least 3 to 4 times a week. One can go for legumes, grains and other food that are rich in fibre, this will prevent unwanted gassy constipation and discomfort. Health professionals advised that adult women should consume 25 grams of fibres daily, as men are required to take not less than 38 grams of fibres daily. In summary, the intake of a fibre-rich meal will reduce gassy constipation

Are you taking enough H2O while on protein diet?

For an average man, it’s recommended that we take about 2 to 3 litres of water daily. Proteneous meals demand high intake of water to break down protein.
We noticed that when we eat high protein diet like beans, we tend to drink a lot of water, this helps the body to break down the protein and help in the digestion process.
Not drinking a lot of water will cause increase hours of digestion thus fermentation of the digestive product leading to more formation of gas in the digestive tract. Drink more water daily. Water is good for the kidney and excretion of unwatered substance from the body.

30 minutes workout will go well with your protein diet

When it comes to a healthy heart, exercise is very important. Exercising for at least 30 minutes daily will help in protein farts issues. Exercise eases digestive tract ailments and keeps the GI tract healthy.

Morning Ginger and peppermint helps to ease protein farts

Drinking ginger and peppermint help reduce the amount of time one farts and it’s suitable for the digestive tract. After taking a high protein diet or supplements take a glass of ginger.

How do you know you are not taking excessive protein?

If you are taking dietary protein supplements in the form of liquid, it’s advisable to follow doctors prescriptions or prescriptions given by the manufacturing company.
It’s completely wrong to take dietary supplements base on hunger or thirst.
A healthy habit is good.

Keep in check your natural protein intake

Some protein food has high gas inducing culprits, take note of the list and try to avoid these meals when you have important occasion or event to attend

  • Lentils
  • Garlic
  • Beans
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Lactose products
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Peas

Are you doing protein powder?

If the protein powder you are taking have a high content of lactose and you are suffering from lactose intolerance, consider changing the product for another product with less percentage of lactose.

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