Snoring Causes; Why Do Men Snore Heavily?

Two night ago I came back from a long Journey after driving for more than 10 hours, I was hoping to have a good sleep, but that was impossible because my Husband snores all night. I didn’t know what to do, only to ask myself a simple question Why do men snore? this lead to my research and my result, that’s what I want to share with my readers today. Anyways My story continues, I Left the room to the sitting room hoping I will be fine. Omg, it was still the same. I could hear His loud snore from the Sitting Room.

Men Snoring Solution
Does Your Husband Snore?

Why do men snore so loud?

Mechanism of snoring
Snoring is Produce from the vibration of tissues around the throat. these tissues include the uvula and the soft palate.
Duling snoring the uvula flap back and forth during breathing and sleep, Due to the flapping of the uvula the surrounding muscles around the Oropharynx is tense and vibrating thus Narrowing of the throat Passages which will then disturbed the airflow. Therefore any condition causing an alteration in the size and shape of the Throat structures can cause snoring.


Health condition that causes snoring

  1. sinus infection
  2. Deviation of the nasal septum
  3. Nasal polyps
  4. congested nose due to allergies
  5. swelling caused by cold or flu
  6. infection of the tonsil (enlarge tonsils)
  7. excessive tissue in the fold of soft Palate
  8. swollen tongue
  9. Long uvula.

Reason Why Men Snore More Than Women

It has been discovered that men snore more than women due to the following reasons build up bulky throat tissue which relaxed as they grow older

2.The present of Androgen (hormone) which is responsible for the deposition of fat around the neck, shoulders and abdomen of men. this hormone also stimulates appetite causing weight gain and salt retention all which contribute to snoring.

3.Increase Alcohol consumption

4.Back sleeper men.

              5.Men that smoke

12 Tips How to prevent Him from snoring


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