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AndavHealth like many other sites, uses cookies.

Cookies are essentially micro-files that are put onto your computer by your web browser. Cookies are implemented when you enter a site and your username (and at times password) are saved within the site already so the site remembers you – it is a form of text memory.

The policy below illustrates how Cookies are implemented on AndavHealth, and how you may control the Cookies that are exercised on the site. 

About our Cookie policy:

The Cookie Policy applies to every single site, as well as the mobile applications (“the Site”).

When we discuss our Site, we mean any website or mobile app managed by or part of AndavHealth, in any which way you may have entered the network. This Cookie Policy is an integral part of AndavHealth Terms and Conditions.

By entering the Site, you accept that this Cookie Policy will be implemented whenever you connect to the Site on any device.

Any alterations to the Cookie policy will be posted on this page. We reserve the right to alter this Cookie Policy every so often and any changes will be put forth as soon as they are posted. Continued connection to the Site is hereby taken as your agreement to all changes implemented.

Our use of cookies:

By using Cookies, we may gather data automatically when you enter the Site.

Cookies are the memory discussed above that will make your computer identifiable to us.

You may select, below, not to accept Cookies. If you decide as such, we cannot promise that you will get as much out of the Site as those who select the Cookie option.

The data processed by Cookies is not identification data; it is comprised of the settings on your computer, as well as the format in which your computer connects to the Internet (e.g. IP address, operation and platform,  and location services).

Many browsers accept Cookies automatically, however,  you can modify your browser settings so they remove Cookies or automatically deny Cookies.

The below links disclose how to control Cookies on your browser – we remind you that choosing to revoke Cookies will do so on every site you visit and not just the Site in question.

Cookies types that could be used during your visit to the Site:

The below listed types of Cookie are used on the Site. We are not listing every Cookie by name but we will show you how to control the Cookie in question.

1. Analytics Cookies

Analytics Cookies monitor how guests to AndavHealth move about the Site and how they reached it to begin with. This, for example, is implemented so that we can detect total figures on what kind of content guests prefer enjoy.

To opt out, click below:

2. Third-party Cookies

Sharing via social media, whether links or videos, is run by a outside companies. When sharing, these companies could put Cookies on your computer whether from our site or theirs.

Below are Facebook and Twitter’s data and privacy policy, there you will be able to get more information regarding sharing and Cookies:

3.AndavHealth ad serving and management Cookies

As part of ad serving and management, we sell designated spaces on our site to advertisers.

As such, we use a few services to assist us and those advertisers to understand what advertisements you might be interested in – those little windows on the side of the site while you are reading the article in question. Cookies are what hold the data about your interests (as it knows what sites you have been to)and therefore used by advertisers. Once again, the Cookies are not gathering personal information but your browsing habits alone.

Here are the ad serving we use, and how to stop Cookies from sharing them. Reminder – this does not mean you won’t get advertisements, it just means that they will not be as relevant to you.

4. Site management Cookies

Site management Cookies are used to make mark your computer as ‘yours’ and remembers you. Similar forms of cookies are used when you vote in online polls to make sure you can only vote one time, and to make sure that you can take full advantage of our commenting app when you are logged in.

Cookies cannot be turned off selectively but you could alter the browser setting to deny all cookies (as stated above) if you do not want to allow them.